our Mission

to see the kingdom of God manifest here on earth as it is in heaven

a sacred place of intimate devotion to the King of all Kings

a wonder-filled place of encountering God’s Presence and learning to release it to others

a safe place of fellowship, encouragement, dreaming, and development 

a strengthening place where people are healed, equipped, and prepared for a life of destiny

a power-filled place where people are released to discover their inheritance and live in favor and abundance 

a family place for sons and daughters who are becoming fathers and mothers exhibiting the personality, character, and anointing of the Godhead

our Leadership team

Diane Bailey

diane Bailey

Senior Leader, Five-Fold Team, Financial Team

I was raised in a traditional church, but as a teenager, walked away from religion. However, at a Chuck Girard concert in 1977, my life was radically returned to its original intent and purpose – a lover of God. Since then, I have passionately pursued the deeper things of the Spirit.

My husband, Mike, and I served as leaders in several churches, and at one point knew we were looking yet again for a deeper revelation of life with Him. Little did we know that that hunger and passion would change the course of our lives and ministry. We were led to ACC and enrolled in Avenue Revivalist Ministry School. This became the conduit for learning and experiencing revelations about the Father’s love, Kingdom Culture, Heaven on Earth, and the Culture of Honor. After a few years, we were asked to be on the church leadership team, and then to become the Pastors. In the years we have pastored here, we have seen lives blossom and change as they are loved on in this community of believers.

One of my passions, when I teach, is to share the original intent of God’s word from the Hebrew and then see how we can encounter Him in this present time.

I love helping people experience the love of God, explore Kingdom truths and realities and become equipped as the maturing children of God in this transition out of Church age and into Kingdom age.

Our community of believers at ACC has risen to higher and higher levels of love, generosity, creativity, encouragement, and excellence. I am drawn by the beautiful hearts of these people and the future we have together in this journey.

Mike Bailey

Mike Bailey

Senior Leader, Five-Fold Team

I only saw my dad a few times when I was a very young boy and then I never saw him again. I think, as a result of that, I ended up with a lot of rejection problems in my life. I was drinking excessively and doing drugs as a teenager. A couple of times the police tried to pull me over. One day, I took off and ran two red lights then crashed the car. At one point I ended up doing 90 days in the Denver County Jail. While I was in there an announcement came over the PA system saying church services were available in the chapel and anybody who wanted to go should line up by the door, so I went down there. The preacher was an ex-Black Panther named John Payton. He told us that we could know the Lord. I prayed with him and the love of God touched my heart. I went on to become a career firefighter and was actually being paid to drive a firetruck and run red lights.

My wife and I have enjoyed 44 wonderful years of marriage. We have four sons and four grandsons I know them all. Not like my dad. He never really knew me and didn’t ever meet my sons or grandsons.

I am passionate about building relationships and connecting people to the love of the Father. I enjoy going out into the community to love on people and introduce them to Jesus.

My wife and I have been pastors at Avenue Community Church for more than five years, along with an amazing and powerful group of leaders who are walking with us in this exciting journey. We love the gifts and talents each one brings to the team and look forward to growing together in this beautiful family.

Karen Fitzgerald

Karen Fitzgerald

Five-Fold Team, Five-Fold Leader, Financial Team

My story is a perfect example of how God will use anything to get our attention. It was a billboard saying “I Found It” and a 1-800 number that turned my life right side up. Knowing I needed something, but without a clue where to search, I was connected by an 800 number to a lovely woman that loved me into the Kingdom.

With seemingly little foundation, the Lord allowed me to teach in Christian schools for 25 years. On retiring, I knew the adventure was not over. Being a passionate lover of God I “signed up” for Africa returning two additional times to train teachers on how to teach. By following the fluid path laid out by Holy Spirit there have been wonderful blessings. I was given the privilege of establishing and leading our Revival Ministry School. The reward of seeing lives delivered from misconception, identities transfigured and dreams fulfilled has been endless. Five-fold has been established as the governing body at ACC of which I serve in the position of Teacher.

I have traveled this journey with my wonderful husband of many, many years and our beautiful daughters, husbands and grandchildren. Couldn’t do it without you and don’t want to! 

Nick Hodge

Nick Hodge

Five-Fold Team, Sound Ministry Leader

I have known God was real from a young age. But I came to know that he is my heavenly father, Jesus is my Savior and the Holy Spirit is my comforter in my 20s. Jesus is the way that lights my way, the Spirit is my guide into and through this world and with my Father. 

I have been with Avenue Community Church for many years. This is where I first found the LOVE that’s the Love from John 3:16- Love, God’s Love.

As a leader at ACC, I get to share His love and to lovingly put it to work.

Erin Hodge

Erin Hodge

Leadership Team, Assistant Administrator, Children’s Ministry Leader, Financial Team

I grew up “knowing” God and was in church most of my early years. But I didn’t really know Him until I was around 20 years old when I encountered all that He is and all the love He has for me. 

I have a passion for worshiping Him, leading our children’s ministry, and sharing God’s love with everyone I encounter. Whether it be at church, the store, or at work. I love when people get to see their true identity in Him, and who He has made them to be.

Laura Lythgoe

Laura Lythgoe

Leadership Team, Worship Leader

Long before I reached for the hem of His robe, He was reaching out to me.   Again and again in my childhood and as an adult, there were times when I knew someone or something was guarding and protecting me from my own self-destructive ways.  One day in desperation, I cried out for help and He heard with the tender heart of a Father who’s been waiting for His child to come home.  He welcomed me with outstretched arms and my life’s never been the same since.  

Being raised in a musical home, it was a natural response to turn to worship as my source of expressing my heart to the Lord, receiving His comfort, and declaring my strength in Him.  From my first church until now, there has been an ongoing call on my life to lead and teach others to worship in spirit and in truth, with creativity, and from the deepest places of our hearts.  I have found the freedom to be who God wants me to be, unashamed and full of joy here at Avenue Community Church, and welcome those whose heart’s desire is to experience His presence!

Marty Lythgoe

Marty Lythgoe

Leadership Team, Men’s Ministry Leader, Financial Team

My relationship with Jesus began with the process of seeking a conscious contact with God as suggested in 12-Step programs.  Little did I know that God had also been seeking me!  Having been raised in a quite works-oriented religion, I had to be introduced to the concept of God as all-loving, merciful, and always good.  

My own process of growth has been guided by divine appointments with Godly men and today I am blessed to lead the men’s ministry here at ACC.  Our guiding scripture for the past two years has been Romans 12:2, as we support each other in not being conformed to the world but being transformed by the renewing of our minds.

Dan Burke

Dan Burke

Leadership Team, Prayer Ministry Leader

I accepted Jesus when I was 8 years old only to leave Him as a teenager.  I was that rebellious teenager that tried to do it on my own.  I acknowledged Him but thought He and Father were strict and overbearing.  I did not even have a grid for Holy Spirit.

Through a series of events in my life, I not only found Father and Jesus but I was introduced to Holy Spirit. It has been an exciting ride with them ever since!  God started reinventing my identity and groomed me for not only Ministry but, He also gave me my Beautiful Bride Karen!  Between us, we have 6 Wonderful Children (some still working on their Testimonies) and 7 grandchildren. 

We are currently overseeing the Prayer Ministry at this Amazing Church and also oversee the Ventura Healing Rooms.  Karen is a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist and our Passion is to see people set free from anything that keeps them from fulfilling their God Given Destiny whether it is Spiritual, Soul, or Physical Healings, as they are often intertwined.

Karen Burke

Karen Burke

Leadership Team, Prayer Ministry Leader

Devastation hit my life when I was diagnosed with a blinding eye disease, lost the ability to work, to drive, my home, and then family: All in 3 months. I chose drugs to escape the pain.  At my lowest point, my mom asked me to go to church with her on Easter.  I didn’t know what it was but as I walked into the church something hit me. It was the presence of the Holy Spirit. I knew I would never be the same again. I was home!

Because of my introduction to God by presence, that became my chief focus. ACC  had a ministry school focused on ”on earth as it  is in heaven.”  I came for the classes and never left. New paradigms of teaching caused religious mindsets and lies to just peel off. Missing pieces of the puzzle were coming into place for me. I was passionate about seeing others restored just as I was being. I became a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist and serve in that capacity at the church and as a leader.

I met my wonderful husband Dan there and get to minister alongside him at Ventura Healing Rooms. I love ACC because of its emphasis on the presence, love, restoration of individuals, families, and of culture. We are committed to being a loving body united for God’s purposes!